Hi guys! Team Tour Life here to discuss our recent adventure in Anchorage, Alaska.  Anchorage is a such a beautiful city filled with lots of adventures you and your travel partner or friends can partake in. So lets begin; our first stop the Alaska Zoo in Anchorage. The Alaskan Zoo is filled with all sorts of animals that you might never get a chance to see. This is because the zoo takes special interest in preserving arctic and sub arctic species. While there, we got the chance to see a

Team Tour Life Welcomes You!   Today, October 5th, 2018 (well technically 6/7th b/c our WiFi isn’t working in Anchorage) our journey begins. We are 2,336 miles from our new home in Los Angeles and 3,191 from Nashville. We are in Anchorage traveling and now officially blogging. Join us as we document our travels and bring you along to see what we do while traveling, how we plan our trips and how me save money. Today you all get a glimpse into our lives. Join us on our journey. -C&E

The Tour Life Clothing travel brand was created by Christian “Tour Huncho” Essimbe on July 3, 2017. Inspired by the influence of international travel, Tour Huncho decided to showcase his sense of style and love of traveling through the apparel. “Traveling puts life into perspective, allowing you to see that the world is bigger than you, introduces alternative ways of life, while inspiring people to try new experiences. Tour Life is about having fun, meeting new people, facing your fears and spreading positive energy. ” –  Tour Huncho.   The Designer’s focus was to really define

Chef Darius Small is a culinary connoisseur in Las Vegas, Nevada. Born and raised in the Englewood neighborhood of the South side of Chicago, Darius ‘Chef Small’ fell in love with cooking for family and friends at a very young age. Deciding that he wanted to make a life time commitment to exploring and experimenting with food, Chef Small decided to enroll in culinary school where he received formal training. However, after catering locally for major music and fashion events, Chef Small moved himself and his family to Las Vegas

Now that you’ve seen the Alaska tour video by Princess Cruise are you feeling inspired or curious yet? Of course you are! Alaska is such a beautiful place to visit and adventure. Team Tour Life is currently exploring Anchorage, Alaska.  Alaska is known for not only for its beauty and grander, but especially their professionals dog sledding contest and hiking. Hiking is a huge part of every day life for Alaskans. We met multiple people who recommended hikes, gave us tips to stay safe and instructed us on what to

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