Tour Life Traveler + Huncho of the Month

November 2018 Recipient:
Jennifer Pimenta @jenniferpimenta
This year I went to Spain, Amsterdam, Turkey, Los Angeles, New York twice, Brazil (Vitoria, Goiânia, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Minas Gerais), Cyprus , and Qatar.
Being exposed to different cultures and ethics definitely opens up your eyes about many things and you start to see life from a different perspective. It makes you more grateful and empathetic for the life you now have, while also educating you on what we see on television is truly a false propaganda of what a regions truly looks like. Only someone who’s been exposed to other cultures can truly understand. Traveling is truly inspiring, and I urge everyone to do it.  The world is filled with many mysteries, and I will continue to travel to find out the hidden mysteries.

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