We have been telling you where you can go on vacation, which borders are open, and what activities you can do but how are you going to get to your destination? We all know that no matter if you are coming from or going to LAX it is going to take time and it’s going to cost money. Whether it is an Uber or a taxi you will be charged a pretty penny. Fortunately for you, you know One Way Tour Life has your back and is going to get you the best travel deals possible! Keep on reading if you wanna find out how you can travel to and leave the LAX airport without having to spend all of your money on commuting to/from an airport.

First, we’re gonna talk about leaving LAX airport. Once you get off your plane, you should head straight to baggage claim and if you don’t have any baggage then you should go outside, head to the shuttle area and search for shuttle G. Even if you missed the shuttle, don’t worry, because shuttle G is running every 20 minutes. The shuttle can carry you to the airport, the parking lot, and the aviation/LAX metro green line. Take shuttle G to the aviation/LAX metro station, this ride should not last more than 10 minutes. When you arrive at the metro station you can either get on the metro or you can call an Uber. Now I know you’re probably saying isn’t an Uber going to be expensive? Not exactly, since you have escaped the LAX traffic, the Uber costs are 50% of what they normally are. For instance, when catching an Uber from LAX to Koreatown the Uber costs $54 but when you take the Uber from the metro station it costs $23. If you don’t even want to spend the $23, you can save even more money by just taking the metro and you will arrive at your destination. Check out the metro website for train times and prices so that you can choose the mode of transportation that is best for you. 

You, of course, can do the same steps in reverse to get to the airport. You would simply take an Uber to the aviation/LAX metro station or you would Uber there and then you would take shuttle G back to the airport. Make sure you account for delays so that you arrive at the airport on time and do not miss your flight. 

One Way Tour Life is always going to get you to your destination safely and cheaply. We pride ourselves in our ability to plan everything for you so all you have to do is show up at the airport and have fun! If you are coming into LA or trying to leave LA, we hope this helps you and saves you the headache of dealing with that LA traffic and those LA commuting prices. If you were ready to book your next vacation, give us a follow on Instagram(@onewaytourlife) and DM us and tell us where you want to go!

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