COVID-19 has taken over the United States so we need to start finding activities that we can do while practicing social distancing! Right now, it is much safer to do activities outside than inside. The perfect place to enjoy the great outdoors while staying safe from the coronavirus is the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon is one of the many wonders of the United States. Here you can go camping, you can take a mule ride through the canyon or you can just pull your car over and take a peek. It’s a great socially distanced activity and we would love to share with you how you can make this your COVID vacation.

Some information about the Grand Canyon is located in Arizona and it is a mile deep, 18 miles wide, and has around 277 miles of the colorado river located within it. We know that the Grand Canyon is usually associated with camping, but don’t worry! If you aren’t a camping kind of person they do have other lodging and there are other places to stay around the Grand Canyon. 


  1. Bright Angel Lodge and Cabins – this place is perfect if you want that rustic vibe for your Grand Canyon vacation. You can either stay in the lodge itself or you can rent surrounding cabins. You are even able to get a room with a view of the canyon, which provides for an excellent view for morning coffee!
  2. The Kachina Lodge – This beautiful hotel is situated right on the edge of the canyon, so no matter what you will have a gorgeous Canyon view! While the Bright Angel Lodge has a more rustic vibe, this large is perfect for you if you are more into the contemporary or modern style of hotels. The Kachina Lodge is walking distance from restaurants and stores, so after you spend the day at the Canyon you can spend the night out on the town.
  3. Thunderbird Lounge- Similarly to the Kachina Lodge, the Thunderbird Lodge has a more contemporary vibe. The only difference between these two lodges is that the Thunderbird lodge has less canyon side rooms. Well, they are available, they are not as accessible as the ones at the Kachina Lodge. Thunderbird Lodge, however, is located very close to both the Bright Angel Trail Head and the Rim Trail.

South Rim

The South Rim is open year-round, 24 hours a day. Here, you can check out various museums and restaurants but also don’t worry if you want to cook in your cabin, you can go to the grocery store. Something you have to do if you go to the South Rim is to walk the Trail of Time. You can get your steps in because it’s a 2.83-mile walk and along the trail, it includes landmarks that take you through the Grand Canyon’s history of one million years. 

We hope you contact us at One Way Tour Life to book your trip to the Grand Canyon and have a peaceful quarantine vacation to remember!

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