As of right now, the border for Greece is closed to Americans. Even though we are unable to travel there at this time as we should be taking extra precautions for COVID and helping to flatten the curve, it is never too early to start planning your summer of 2022 vacation. Santorini, Greece is a gorgeous island that has a rich history and culture that you would be able to experience. Let One Way Tour Life help you plan the best vacation of your life!

What Can You Do in Santorini

  1. Sunset Cruise – you know at One Way Tour Life that we love a good sunset but even more we love a sunset cruise! A must-see in Santorini is the sunsetting but in a combination of the best of both worlds, you can relax on a cruise with delicious food and watch the sunset.
  2. Boat Tour of the Volcano – if you were feeling more adventurous you can take a boat tour around the volcano. You won’t just be on the boat though, you can swim in the hot springs, the Aegean Sea, and you can check out the White and Red sand beaches.
  3. Wine Tasting – Santorini is big on wine. There are so many different varieties that you could be drinking for your entire stay! There are designated wine tasting tours but you can independently go to different wineries if you choose to do so.
  1. Visit the Villages – You know those famous photos of Santorini you see? With the whitewashed homes with those vibrant blue dome roofs? Well, you can take those photos with your silk dress blowing in the wind! Fira and Oia are two of the most popular villages to visit in Santorini! There are shops, delicious restaurants, and the perfect scenic background to capture that Instagram worthy moment. Since these villages are more popular, they are more crowded. If you want to avoid the hustle and bustle that comes from either Firá or Oia, you need to check out Imerovígli. It is much more low key and can provide for a relaxing day adventure!
  2. The Beach – beaches in Santorini aren’t like the ones that we see in California or Florida. Long gone is that traditional yellow – gold sand, in Santorini there are beaches with red sand, beaches with white sand and even a beach with black sand. You can go to Vlychada Beach, Kamári Beach, and Perivolos to experience a beach unlike any other. 

Santorini is perfect for your next vacation! Once the quarantine is over, and COVID-19 has subsided, we are all going to need a relaxing getaway. The beautiful views and the relaxing lull of the ocean will help everyone blow off the steam and the frustration from being stuck in the house all day due to COVID-19. If you want to make this dream destination our reality, contact us at One Way Tour Life(insta: @onewaytourlife) to start booking your trip to Santorini Greece!

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