In our previous blog, we gave you some travel tips for if you plan to travel within the US. Due to the poor handling of COVID-19, many countries are not allowing Americans to travel to their country. Fear not, there is still a growing list of countries that will allow flights from the United States.

International Borders

So, which countries are open and do you have to go to get there?

  1. Antigua and Barbuda – This beautiful island has been open to Americans since June 4th! The only drawback is that upon arrival at the airport you have to take a COVID-19 that costs $100. The test takes less than 15 minutes but it takes at most 4 days to get your results back so you will have to practice social distancing, wear your mask and try not to be around too many people. Flights to Antigua are anywhere between $300 to $550 roundtrip from some of the major airports in the US(i.e JFK, DFW, MIA, LAX). If you plan to travel to Antigua and Barbuda, do not forget to take into consideration the COVID test cost and extra charges at hotels. Also, be sure to monitor the country’s entrance policies, as well as airline policies of flight changes and cancellations.
  2. Aruba – Another great island is open for business to American travelers! The difference between Antigua and Aruba is that to travel to Aruba you must take your COVID test before your arrival and notify the Aruba authorities of your results three days before your arrival. Flights to Aruba are slightly cheaper than Antigua, with a roundtrip ticket costing between $300-$455. Once again, if you do plan to travel wear your mask and social distance to help keep these countries, and, safe.
  3. Bermuda – The first international to the country entered in early July. Similar to other countries on this list, travelers are required to take a COVID test and submit the results no more than five days before they enter the country. Visitors will also be required to check their temperature twice a day and report it on an online portal from the Bermuda government, as well as adhere to an island-wide curfew. Round Trip flights to Bermuda are averaging out to be around $390 from some of the major US airports (LAX, MIA, JFK). Be safe when traveling and stick to activities that make social distancing possible.
  4. Jamaica – Currently, Jamaica has around 750 cases of COVID-19 and is allowing travelers from the United States into the country. Depending on which state you are flying in from can determine whether or not a COVID test will be required. You can check out the Visit Jamaica website to fill out the Travel Authorization Form which is required to enter the country. The average roundtrip airfare to Montego Bay, Jamaica is around $350! 
  5. Puerto Rico – Currently, Puerto Rico is encouraging only essential travel but they have already begun to plan for future tourism later on in the year. Like Jamaica, visitors will have to fill out a Travel Declaration Form before their arrival to PR and take a COVID-19 test no more than three days before they arrive on the island. It is important to monitor Puerto Rico diligently as their policies and the phases of reopening they are in are constantly changing.
Antigua and Barbuda

These are some potential travel options if you feel comfortable traveling outside the country! You must wear a mask and adhere to guidelines provided by each of these countries to ensure the safety of the locals, other travelers, and yourself. Continue to monitor travel advisory and book flights that you can change or cancel! Most importantly, have fun, and stay safe!

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