COVID-19 has ravaged the world, it has canceled plans, and has seemingly ruined the summer of 2020. In some states, however, lockdowns are being lifted and travel is permitted! What do you do if your state is practically reopened? Where can you go? How can you travel? One Way Tour Life has some great travel insights and safety tips for making the most of this unique and challenging summertime experience.

Domestic Borders

Traveling outside the US is difficult at the moment as other countries are trying to flatten their curves and maintain low COVID-19 cases. You do not need to leave the country to enjoy your summer! There are plenty of states whose travel restrictions are lifted and have already entered into at least phase 2, which allows restaurants to operate at a capacity of more than 60%. Here are some of the states that you can travel to:

  • Alaska – As of June 15th, travel restrictions on the state have been lifted, they’ve entered into phase 2, and casinos and gyms are open.
  • Delaware – By June 1st, restrictions had been lifted, beaches and pools are open as long as they adhere to safety regulations and restaurants can operate to a 60% capacity. Also, there is a mask mandate in Delaware, so be sure to mask up!
  • Kentucky – As of May 22, all travel restrictions in Kentucky have been lifted. By early June museums, aquariums, outdoor attractions, and libraries have opened back up. There is a mask mandate in Kentucky as well and it is important to adhere to these guidelines to ensure that there are no outbreaks.
  • Nevada – Phase 2 of reopening has begun in July. This allows restaurants to offer dine-in services and operate the dine-in portion at 50% capacity with reservations. On June 4th, casinos reopened and pools and water parks are operating at a limited capacity. Indoor attractions, such as bowling alleys, malls, and movie theatres are also not operating at full capacity.
  • Oregon – They have also entered into Phase 2, which enables zoos, museums, and gardens to be opened at a limited capacity. Oregon is such a beautiful state and they are home to great hiking trails which is a great social distancing activity that you can safely do with a few family or friends!

These are just some of the states that are safe to travel, others include Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Vermont, and Virginia. It is important that if you travel to these states that you wear masks and social distance whenever social distancing is possible.



If where you want to go cannot be reached by car, flying can still be a safe option. Recently, American Airlines revealed that they would no longer be blocking the middle seat and booking their flights at capacity. This is so concerning, as it can quickly spread COVID-19, with more people sitting in close proximity. Just because American Airlines is forgoing safety, that does not mean other airlines are doing the same. Through September 30th, Southwest is blocking ⅓ of its seats to maintain social distancing while thousands of miles in the air. Delta Airlines is only booking 60% of its flights, effectively leaving middle seats open and on smaller plans, blocking customers from purchasing some aisle seats. Similarly to Delta, JetBlue is stopping passengers from purchasing middle seats on larger carriers and some aisle seats on smaller planes.

There are still ways to fly safely if driving is not an option!

Southwest Airlines
Delta Airlines

Safety Tips

Here are some tips so that you can travel safely and still enjoy your summer!

  1. Before traveling anywhere, be sure to check the CDC’s website for any update travel advisories.
  2. If you have to book a hotel room, check the hotel’s policies and how your access to amenities will be impacted.
  3. Bring cleaning supplies with you! If you can find Clorox or Lysol wipes, hand sanitizer or anything of the sort bring them with you to clean light switches, tray tables, faucets, door handles, and any surface that may have been touched by someone else.
  4. If you order food to your hotel room or Airbnb, be sure to wash all dishes and silverware before you use it. A general rule to apply during these trying times is “if it does not come from your house WASH IT, even if it is brand new.”

COVID-19 is serious and we can never be too careful. It is time to embrace this new normal, as well as we can!

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