There are many hidden gems in the United States. We often forget the biodiversity and the wide variety of scenery that this country has to offer. One of these spots is Catalina Island, which is southwest of Los Angeles, California. The Catalina Islands are a mix of Santorini and the Caribbean, it is almost hard to believe that a place such as this exists in the US!

Catalina only has a population of a little over 4,000 but what they lack in people, they make up for in attractions!

Catalina Island

Things To Do

Santa Catalina Island is perfect for a day trip or a weekend getaway! Check out these different excursions:

  • Lover’s Cove – This beautiful spot is a marine sanctuary that is protected by California and boasts some beautiful biodiversity. Lover’s Cove is a snorkeling hotspot that gives you the opportunity to experience an underwater garden!
  • Trans Catalina Trail – If you want to get a scenic workout in, this trail provides the chance to do so! The trail itself is 38.5 miles (which is a lot!!) and it traverses the island, giving you the ability to see all the local flora and fauna.
  • Moonstone Beach – This beach is a real gem! Not only is it beautifully maintained but like its namesake you can find moonstones on the beach! If you do not want to walk on the beach itself there is a boardwalk where you can simply relax and enjoy the views!
  • Casino Ballroom – This is a gorgeous historical site that has amazing architecture and doubles as a movie theatre. This is a really laid back activity and is perfect for a longer vacation.
  • Catalina Island Museum – If you are a bit of a history buff, definitely check out the Catalina Island Museum! It is a 60 year old museum and it is  home to artifacts that are 8000 years old that show the settlements of the island. Learn the island’s history as “Hollywood’s favorite vacation spot,” its connection with World War 2 and its relationship with a famous baseball team!
Casino Ballroom
Trans Catalina Trail


If you want to stay on Catalina Island for more than a day, it is definitely worth it! Hotel prices can range from $100 to $300. Most of these hotels have great views and no matter the price it is worth the money for the experience and the relaxing atmosphere.

You do not have to leave the US to gain amazing experiences. Check out what’s in your area and you never know what you will find. Keep checking out the One Way Tour Life Blog for more hidden gems across not only the country but the world as well!

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