Hi guys! Team Tour Life here to discuss our recent adventure in Anchorage, Alaska.  Anchorage is a such a beautiful city filled with lots of adventures you and your travel partner or friends can partake in. So lets begin; our first stop the Alaska Zoo in Anchorage. The Alaskan Zoo is filled with all sorts of animals that you might never get a chance to see. This is because the zoo takes special interest in preserving arctic and sub arctic species. While there, we got the chance to see a caribou. Not sure what that is? It’s a REINDEER! Below is an assortment of photos we shot while at the zoo, bye sure to check out the reindeer.   After a great adventure in the Alaska Zoo,  we came across a southern food truck company that specialized in homemade southern barbecue called Simply Southern. The chef was welcoming and his food was great. We both ordered Po’ Boy sandwiches and asked him questions/recommendations about other awesome places to eat in Alaska.  Do you think he gave us any recommendations? Of course he did, but they were mostly closed due to the beginning of the cold season.   Another food Truck we visited was The Back Porch a food truck that specializes in frying anything! Below you will see the most amazing deep-fried cheesecake pop tart you will ever taste. It was  delicious!!

Now lets move on to our next adventure with the Alaskan Breweries and Distilleries.

If you are a beer lover or spirit fanatic, get ready to pack your bags, because Anchorage is waiting for you to visit!
*(This article is apart of the Tour Life Adult Beverage Series)*
Anchorage is the home to over a dozen breweries and one distillery, which are in bike-able distance of each other. These bike-able libations are located in South Anchorage and are the perfect way to get the day started after a nice hike. Make sure you plan out your day and ride bikes or use a ride sharing app if you plan to drink heavily.
Footnote: link to Tour Life Adult Beverage or Tour Life libation Series will be coming soon.
The question of the day is how did we end our first night after a long successful adventurous day in Alaska?  The answer is……we went to a fine dining restaurant called Crow’s Nest. We met a friend while in Alaska who has great personality, hospitality and was very fun to hang out with and we all went to dinner.  We enjoyed our time at dinner with a great view of the city of Anchorage. Here are a few videos of our enjoyable time at dinner!
Day 1 complete!  We you told you guys we had an awesome time in Alaska, so continue following Team Tour Life as we continue to share our next experience in Anchorage.
Stay tuned for our next post!

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