One Way Tour Life is a lifestyle travel brand which includes travel apparel that was created by Christian “Tour Huncho” Essimbe on July 3, 2017. Inspired by the influence of international travel, Tour Huncho decided to showcase his sense of style and love of traveling through the apparel. “Traveling puts life into perspective, allowing you to see that the world is bigger than you, introduces alternative ways of life, while inspiring people to try new experiences.

Tour Life is about having fun, meeting new people, facing your fears and spreading positive energy. ” –  Tour Huncho.

The Designer’s focus was to really define the words style and creativity when he created this luxury comfortable travel clothing. When him and his significant other Erica took a group of people to Paris, France for fashion week and his Tour Life Clothing launch; he discovered that style and creativity has no limits when it comes to creating or launching a brand. During the Paris fashion week fashion show, he conversed with a few Paris models and photographers to discuss the brand. When the question surfaced “what is Tour Life” His response was:

Tour Life is not just a brand, however it is a lifestyle – Tour Huncho

Every designer always has a story on where their inspiration came from. Christian’s inspiration came from traveling to various regions on the globe as we already know, however his inspiration for the designing his clothing the way they are came from an airplane boarding pass with the help of Erica. One day he was having a hard time thinking of a way to the distinguish his designs from other designers but he could not think of anything. However Erica told him to look at a boarding pass, and that moment that is when the Tour Life Travelers Evolutions Series was born.

Each piece of clothing features a tour destination, airport boarding gate number, airplane first class and basic economy seat number. This is by far the most creative thing anyone has ever done. Since the launched date the brand has grown  exponentially. His next steps are to be in the next upcoming fashion shows in Paris, Milan, and London.

I am a perfectionist- Tour Huncho

Matrixx Series 2: MADRID

The Matrixx Series 2 Madrid was just released on December 8, 2018. Tour Huncho dedicated this new piece for the great city of Madrid, Spain. 

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