Sixteen-year-old singer Bea Miller’s (@beamiller) photos are often sparse images of white, muted grays and blacks. But in those pictures, she tends to be peeking out from the shadows –– a far cry from the spotlight she currently finds herself in. Three years ago, Bea appeared and made it to the top 10 on season two of “The X Factor,” where both her talent and honesty nabbed attention. Now, on the verge of releasing her debut album, you might expect at least a little hesitancy to creep into her voice. Nope. “A lot of girls, young girls especially, don’t speak their mind very often because it’s not the ladylike, proper thing to do. A lot more frequently men get away with saying whatever they wanna say. So I think it’s interesting for girls my age to see an outspoken young female artist.” For more behind-the-scenes photos with Bea, follow @beamiller on Instagram. To see more music stories from around the world, check out @music on Instagram.
Photo by @beamiller

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