“Eating these buns brings you blessings, which is why they are called ‘safety buns’ (平安包),” explains food and travel writer Gloria Chung (@foodandtravelhk), on her image of the traditional treat featured at this weekend’s annual Cheung Chau Bun Festival in Hong Kong. Gloria’s passion for food developed as a child. Her father was a chef and her mother is what she calls her “food hero”, whose home-cooked dishes are still some of Gloria’s favorite meals. “I have always been a crazy foodie,” she admits. For Gloria, food presentation is the one of the most elegant forms of artistic expression that exist in this world. “The figs from Turkey, the strawberries from Japan, the oysters from France — they are the most photogenic objects provided by Mother Nature, and that is more inspiring than anything else.” Photo by @foodandtravelhk

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