“When you’re born Dutch, you learn cycling from a young age, and will most certainly develop a common love for it,” says Tristan Bogaard (@tristanbogaard), a 22-year-old photographer making a 7,500-mile (12,000-kilometer) trip across 12 countries in Europe by bike. Tristan caught the cycling bug after making a two-wheeled journey across the US from New York to Los Angeles with his brother, but on returning to the Netherlands he realized there are many beautiful journeys closer to home. His route will pass through the Amalfi Coast in Italy and the forests of Norway, ending in Bergen. Cycling for about four hours a day and stopping to take photos and fuel up on fruits, nuts and water, Tristan also connects with local Instagrammers in the towns he visits. His reason for the physical endeavor is simple: “Riding a bicycle is the perfect way to see the world — it’s faster than walking, carries your luggage and is able to stop and go where cars and other vehicles can’t.” Photo by @tristanbogaard

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