Luis Mileu (@mileu) got to know his father through photographs. As a professional sailor, his dad spent most of his time traveling around the world. “He would send our family Polaroids and cards from his trips. I think my fascination for photography began back then, while I waited for those photos,” says 42-year-old Luis, who grew up to become a photographer and graphic designer in his native Portugal. Taking after his father, Luis also now roams the world, documenting his journeys and capturing portraits of people he meets along the way. What once allowed him to get to know his father is now about self-discovery. “Travel is a vital priority in my life. It’s the way I get to know the world, people and myself,” he says. Just like the young boy who held on tight to his father’s words and Polaroids, Luis clings to his travels long after the journey is over. “When I look at a photograph I took two years ago, I’ll remember exactly how I was feeling and actually relive that day through the image. This is one of photography’s great powers.” Photo by @mileu

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